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General Climate:
The Seychelles are tropical and humid. From May to October, the wind blows regularly from south to east, bringing a drier climate and slightly cooler temperature. From December to March, it is the southern summer with north-west winds and a more humid climate. However, the weather is pleasant in all seasons, never too cool or too hot. It does rain all year-round (as with all the tropical islands) -
Unspoiled paradise: Miles away from anywhere...

Getting to the paradise islands of Seychelles does involve a fair amount of traveling time, especially when flying out from the United States. You will need to transit through Europe to get to the Seychelles International Airport [SEZ] in Victoria, the smallest capital of the world, on Mahe Island.

Being located miles from away anywhere, however, does have it benefits making the Seychelles absolutely worth the trip! For one, the beaches are far less crowded than elsewhere in the world - even in peak season. The exclusive location keeps the Seychelles unspoilt and untouched by the mass tourism which affects other prime beach destinations worldwide. Air France and Emirates are the best and most popular airlines to get to the Seychelles from USA, offering onward connections to the islands from Paris and Dubai. Air Seychelles, the national carrier, has code-share partner agreements with some US based airlines as well to fly via London Heathrow.

Whichever way you make it in to Europe, Air Seychelles services most cities from there with direct non-stop flights to Mahe. On average, it takes between 7 and 11 hours to get to Europe and approximately 10 hours to get to the Seychelles from there, depending upon your city of departure and chosen airline. Duration of stay may be determined by the schedules of the airline you plan to take. At Into, our travel professionals will offer you the most convenient flight options and through their knowledge and expertise make all the flight arrangements a breeze. Start by visiting our vacation packages to view some flight options and if you still can’t find the right option, simply inquire with us to request options from our Seychelles experts.

If you feel the flight duration is too long for your liking, an alternative, and popular, way to do the Seychelles is by combining it with:

Paris & Seychelles
a) vacationing in Europe
[Paris is a popular choice for honeymooners]
Singita safari & Seychelles
b) a luxury African safari in Tanzania, Botswana or South Africa [direct flights from Johannesburg to the Seychelles are generally available twice a week]. Our Seychelles & Safari section offers more ideas.

The Seychelles offer all types of accommodations – from budget inns to elegant resorts, there is a hotel to suit everyone’s taste. The mid range accommodations found in the Seychelles offer very basic accommodation facilities and are mostly in the three star ranges as there is no hotel grading system in place on the islands. Into recommend only deluxe resorts to maximize on optimal location and service standards (which can be unreliable in the smaller establishments). Service is one of the most important elements we look for when selecting accommodation in the Seychelles. We offer an extraordinary array of luxury accommodations set along scenic beaches, often on their own private island space. North Island, Fregate Island and Banyan Tree are the best options.

Meal options vary depending on the Island you visit. In Mahe most hotels are offered on bed & breakfast basis and half board [breakfast and dinner] because most travelers often prefer to eat out while touring and sightseeing. Also, the range of restaurants available in Mahe is sure to satisfy any craving – be it Italian, French, Creole, Indian or Continental. Simpler fare in fast food restaurants is also widely available in Mahe. Staying on bed on breakfast or halfboard however, can be expensive as the cost for drinks and meals in fine restaurants at hotels is often higher than the average of most European city restaurants, therefore a fully-inclusive vacation is perhaps a more convenient way to go as your trip is then mostly prepaid.

On smaller islands and private island lodges, accommodation is generally offered on halfboard, fullboard [3 meals a day] and fully-inclusive [all meals, selected alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks and some activities] basis.

Depending on your interests and type of vacation, the recommended minimum length of stay to make up for the traveling time and costs of flights is five nights. The maximum length is totally up to you. If you are planning to stay for over a week consider staying on Mahe for the first couple of nights and visit one of our recommended private islands. If time is not a restriction, the top three islands which offer the perfect introduction to the Seychelles are Mahe, North Island and Fregate Island . The suggested itineraries on our website will help you work out the right amount for you to spend at each. Though, with inexpensive airfares to get to Praslin and La Digue, most people prefer to simply stay on Mahe and take guided or private excursions to explore these two islands.

The Seychelles are a popular choice for honeymooners and couples wishing to get married in a tropical Indian Ocean paradise. Visit our Seychelles Honeymoon and Seychelles Wedding Planning sections for more information and special packages.

There’s a lot more to do in the Seychelles – even for those who just want to soak up some glorious sunshine on the beach. Our Seychelles packages will offer you a list of the ‘must dos’ in the Seychelles from scuba diving packages to shopping in local markets - sometimes already pre-included for you.

Whatever your plans, the Seychelles are not to be missed!

We hope that Into helps you find the perfect vacation for you - and remember; if you are unsure of anything or need to speak to someone who’s ‘been there, done that’, please call our Seychelles Specialists and we'll be happy to assist with your travel planning.

So, go ahead – ‘Indulge yourself’!

December to March being rainiest, however April through May is mostly dry and a great time to visit.

Air Temperature:
The 'coolest' temperature is in July and August, at 83°F. March, May and November are the hottest months, with an average of 89°F.

Sea Temperature:
Between 82°F to 84°F

Creole (Similar to French), English and French

Creole Cuisine:
The delicious Creole cuisine is based on fish and a wide variety of exotic vegetables, fruit and spices which simply must be sampled when you are in the Seychelles. Most hotels will serve Creole buffets. Those who like fish will be in for some very pleasant surprises. There are many good restaurants on Mahé.

Entry requirements:
A visa is not required for nationals of United States. A valid passport and return ticket are usually sufficient in most cases.

The Seychelles Rupee - though tourists are not allowed to pay in local currency, you need to pay in Dollars or Euros as the case may be, to bring in foreign exchange in the country (read Foreign exchange for details). VISA, Master Card and American Express Credit cards are widely accepted throughout our Seychelles hotels. Most consumption goods have to be imported, which is why shopping can be very expensive in the Seychelles.

Foreign exchange:
Visitors are required to use foreign currency in making payments to hotels and for other holiday expenses such as hiring of cars or boat, the services of tour operators or travel agents, casinos and domestic transfers within Seychelles.

Time difference:
The Seychelles is 4 hours ahead of Universal Time. The time difference with United States (East Coast): 8 hours ahead, West Coast: 11 hours - approximately. France and Western Europe is only 2+ hours in summer and 3+ hours in winter.

220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Plugs are of the English type, square with three points. Adapters are available at all Into Seychelles hotels.

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