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Paris - the world's most romantic city with always something new on offer; renowned museums, historic avenues, couture, monuments, architecture, parks and gardens...

Our Paris specialists indulge you in a luxurious assortment of unique travel ideas, all tailored to your tastes and worked around hot seasonal events taking place in Paris during your chosen time of travel. To draw your decadent Paris experience to a dramatic finish, experience an enticing beach vacation in the luxurious islands of Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa
Choose from our suggested Paris & Seychelles itineraries; or create your own path - perhaps, an art & mystery adventure retracing steps from the chapters of a favorite book, or a three night Paris shopping spree. Just make sure that your trip concludes on the sun-filled, luxuriant beaches of the Seychelles, for that extra indulgence!
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Three nights in Paris followed by a magical retreat in the Seychelles Paris & Seychelles Vacation
Paris & North Island Seychelles, 7 days
Paris, Luxury Safari
& Seychelles
Paris, Luxury Safari & Seychelles
Why Paris & Seychelles?

Often described as the most beautiful islands in the world, Seychelles are the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by turquoise seas and emerald islands, Seychelles encompasses some of the finest resorts in the world as well as some of the best diving the region. Like Paris, Seychelles epitomizes romance and mystery. With dramatic scenery and exotic private island experiences, throughout history the islands have interchanged hands between the French and the British and these colonial influences have been showcases in its unique architecture and style of living. Whether you're celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or just visiting on holiday, Seychelles and Paris will exceed your expectations!
hotel de crillon, paris
Overlooking Place de la Concorde, Hotel de Crillon offers an exceptional location in the heart of Paris on the legendary crossroads of Art, History and Fashion icons. An 18th-century palace, the boutique Hotel de Crillon features 147 luxurious rooms.
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